Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Obama to

Dictator Obama, The Last President of America, to Be sworn on Abraham Lincoln's Bible

As unbelievable as it seems, our beloved America has been raped, disgraced, violated, and handed to the people who hate her most. The most horrible realizations of the daily tragedy we are experiencing are the perpetrators of this unthinkable crime are the very people who hold sacred positions of the highest public trust. I often lose sleep trying to understand why judges, Senators, Congressmen, politicians and the 9 snakes of the Supreme Court would betray us they way they have. Do they think they are so powerful they are immune from accountability and ultimately penalty? Have they given up on the principles and laws of our Great Constitution? Are they so jaded they truly consider Obama so great he is above the law? Why did they do this to America? Why, why, why I have asked the great silence repeatedly since last July?

There is no doubt that in some way some how if this issue over Obama's eligibility isn't resolved to the satisfaction of the rule of law of the Constitution, there will be more than just riots if the election were to be overturned on behalf of our constitutional law. In spite of the multiple law suits demanding proof of his eligibility to be president under the law of the land, Obama ruthlessly allows this single issue to fester and grow, waste millions of dollars in legal fees and judicial costs, and is willing permit violence and bloodshed that is certain to happen sooner or later. He also is willing and knowing to permit the final destruction to the Constitution so as to become world dictator. All the people mentioned in Ted's above article are guilty of participating in the same unbelievable evil plot.

It seems to me that the strategy of Obama and his conspirators is to be sworn into office on January 20, 2009. Immediately take control of the White House and the government with his strategically named cabinet and appointees. Then he will take over the military, declare martial law, declare the US Constitution obsolete and end the Republic of the United States. With just a little more manipulation, he will change his title from President to some other political title that will in essence mean "DICTATOR". D I C T A T O R O B A M A. What army do the American people have to defend them? Who and what has enough money, military might, patriotic conviction, experience, or fearlessness to stop this? If this seems like a fantasy of a delusional old lady, then think. Look how far Obama has gotten already. WE are only 23 days from his CORONATION. Are there any signs Obama will not be swearing the oath on Abraham Lincoln's Bible, no less!

January 20, 2009 will be the last day of America. Barry Sotoero, the silver plated turd, take the oath of the United States Presidency. Barry Sotoero will become the last President of the United States.

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